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RoyceWare comes in small packages, but makes a huge statement
~ All we have to do is be willing to wear it.

Survival Jewelry

Are you a survivalist?

It's better to be prepared. A survival situation can occur at any time, most of the time it comes to us at a least expecting moment. Isn't it better to be prepared? These survival jewelry makes you ready for any situation, any time. By been ready you not only serve yourself but help others as well.

Are you looking for other survival items? Then don't forget a include a survival hatchet to your list. A survival hatchet will serve multiple purposes such as breaking glass if you are trapped in a car or a room, cutting wood for camping, use as a weapon when in danger etc.

The Best Fine Jewelry

    • Statement necklace featuring bib of seven faceted stones suspended from chunky adjustable chain
    • Handcrafted. Antiqued Gold Tone Plated Brass. Adorned with crystal and synthetic elements.
    • Unparalleled design with a lifetime guarantee
    • Sterling silver Deco-inspired ring featuring trio of sapphires at center surrounded by 14k yellow gold halo and diamond accents
    • With Twinkling Heart® technology, the central stone moves. It twinkles with motion, and faces forward by gravity even when tilted.
    • 19" Noir Jewelry Orionis Necklace, 18k gold
    • Judith Jack "Ring Power" Sterling Silver/Swarovski Marcasite Gold-Tone Cluster Ring
    • Alexis Bittar Jewelry Crystal Encrusted Graduated Origami Bib Necklace

RoyceWare Philosophy

Family is the woven tapestry of life that binds us all together. Each one of us is unique in our own way, but strive to understand and gain the same threads that bind us all; Faith, Love, and Friendship!

Faith – which gives us all the hope of tomorrow…

Love – that withstands all.

Friendship – truly one of the strongest bonds in life; to choose and build your own family.

Over the years I have discovered many passions, but family has always been my number one; they have been my strength and my foundation. Raising our three sons Royce, Landon and Preston has been the greatest love of all. This love for my family and my faith in our Lord has been the inspiration for the company.

My jewelry is a little piece of my heart and in every special design I pour in a little bit of my soul. Over the years I have striven to ensure that my jewelry reaches the hearts of many and remind us all that our Creator is protecting each and every one of us, even when we have our doubts.

RoyceWare consists of 5 different lines and every one of them has its own special meaning to me; Divine Protection, PetWare (for our furry friends), Sinfully Chic, Twin Jewels, and All Saints. These lines were inspired mainly by my boys, my twin sister, extended family and pets too!

My hope is that RoyceWare in some way will remind us all to love others, keep family and friends close to our hearts, and always strive to stay strong and keep the faith…

Survival Jewelry

Survival Jewelry are multi purpose items. They can be ware as fashionable jewelry items but they serve a purpose. Each and every survival jewelry item can be used for a different survival purpose.

For example Survival Bracelets come as wrapped Paracord. You can unwrap the Paracord and used it as necessary. Some Survival Whistles comes like very fashionable pendants.